Seidel City

Materiality | Vibrant Femmes

Vibrant Femmes | Materiality
Group Exhibition

May 18 - June 16, 2019

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Paper, clay, resin, cloth, yarn, beads, organic materials, found objects - these are the building blocks of the artworks created by the five Vibrant Femmes artists in Materiality. With a strong focus on process and texture, the pieces on display demonstrate the wide array of creations possible when artists move beyond painting, sculpture and photography. The artworks share an extreme attention to detail and use of meditative, time-intensive processes.

Themes of nature and mysticism are woven throughout the works, with Seidel City as the perfect setting: surrounded by open space and mixed use buildings focused on art, music and making, there is a raw and magical quality that the setting and the works share. The inherently tactile properties of the art invite the viewer to contemplate the variety of techniques that each artist is using. The hope is that you, the beholder, will leave inspired to get outside, experience the textural and the immediate in your world, perhaps get your hands dirty in homage to the tactile and the now.

VIBRANT FEMMES is an initiative started in 2016 by curator Kecia Benvenuto established to promote and evangelize the practice of female and non-binary contemporary artists. Its mission is to elevate public recognition of the work of contemporary artists and creatives; to create community and actively engage in conversation around what it means to be a female / non-binary artist and human in the 21st Century.