Seidel City

An Evening of Experimental & Improvised Sound

An Evening of Experimental & Improvised Sound
Hamilton + Seward + Lowe / Seward

October 12, 2017, 7:30pm


An Evening of Experimental & Improvised Sound  features performances by artists Sean Hamilton, Ryan Seward, and Farrell Lowe.
Sean Hamilton, percussionist, composer, and improviser from Tampa, FL, who is currently embarked on a national tour, brings his solo drum set and electronics project, LOCI, to Seidel City in Boulder. Local Denver percussionist, improviser, composer, and sound artist, Ryan Seward, will open the evening with a solo electroacoustic percussion set, featuring snare drum, no-input mixer, and radio. Long-time Boulder guitarist and improviser, Farrell Lowe, and Ryan Seward will close out the evening with their brand of improvised music-cum-free jazz-cum-avant rock.

$5-10 suggested donation

About the Artists

Sean Hamilton is a percussionist, composer, and improviser whose interests primarily lie in the conjunctions of new music, electroacoustic music, free improvisation, experimental music, and interdisciplinary projects. Sean has presented performances as an artist-in-residence with Leeds Improvised Music and Experimentation (LIME) in the United Kingdom and as a featured performer at the Orlando and Asheville Fringe Festivals, the Anxious Sound Series in New Orleans, and WKCR-FM New York’s Afternoon New Music. Sean has also given numerous lectures on improvisation and composition at universities throughout the United States and abroad including New York University, California State University Long Beach, the University of South Carolina, Arizona State University, and the University of Leeds. He is a regular collaborator with visual artists, dancers, choreographers, and musicians, having previously worked with artists including Verb Ballets, Tatsuya Nakatani, New Orleans Airlift, Lindsey Kelley Dance, Death Posture, and Eli Blasko. His original compositions include works for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, electroacoustic mediums, and fixed media that have been performed in the United States and Europe.

Farrell Lowe grew up as a farmer in the Ohio River Valley region (aka the middle of nowhere) and began playing the trumpet in the third grade and the guitar when he was 15 and has been playing that instrument ever since. Farrell’s work is about the ephemeral nature of being and the limits of human understanding. His work is about our conception of time, the natural world, our constructed world, and the intersections that occur during the exploration of Self through conscious and unconscious channels. For him, this work is about developing maps that reference time, place, impermanence, and mortality. His work is rooted in the fertile ground of his experiences of living in rural America, and often have curious, personal references to that now distant life. It is not a direct reference to that experience, it is free from context, connected to the past and present, but fictional. There is no reference to a tangible reality. This work speaks to our internal reality. They are numinous signposts. They serve as a reminder of how large our world can be.


Ryan Seward is a percussionist, improviser, composer, and sound artist based in Denver, CO.

His improvisational work centers around approaching the drum as a site of resonance and employing various techniques and preparations to achieve an extensive timbral palette. He also works with found objects, zither, contact mics, analog electronics, and field recordings.

As a composer/sound artist, Seward composes and conceptualizes music/sound for improvisers/spaces. His practice is rooted in a concern for deep listening, communitarian ritual, and the subjective emotional and subconscious engagements with the unique characteristics and qualities of our sonic environments.

Seward runs and curates the record label, emic rite, in order to document his own work and the work of other experimental and contemporary improvisers, composers, and sound artists, with a current focus on those of the American Mountain West, Southwest, and Great Plains.