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After Nature: The Age of the Anthropocene

After Nature: The Age of the Anthropocene
Natascha Seideneck

December 2 - January 22, 2018

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After Nature: The Age of the Anthropocene is a selection of images from artist Natascha Seideneck's The Disaster Archive, a series comprised of appropriated images curated from a growing archive on the Internet of floods, tornadoes, iceberg melts, hurricanes, sinkholes, accidents and storms. These highly aestheticized photographic objects intend to draw an emotional response from the viewer to question the role of catastrophic events and whether disasters are cause and effect of technological “progress”.

about the artist:

Natascha Seideneck was born in Germany, grew up in England and now lives in Denver, Colorado. She has a MFA from School for the Museum of Fine Arts. Natascha has exhibited her artwork extensively and produced numerous site specific artworks often collaborating with artists, designers and architects. Currently she is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver and a member of Tank Studios.