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Exploring Perspectives on Relevance in the Arts
Wednesday, April 5, 2017
$5 suggested donation

This moderated session will engage artists, arts administrators, a journalist, a funder and audience members in a conversation about relevance. The discussion will begin with the panelists defining relevance in their respective disciplines and personal practices. Explorations will include the importance of making or supporting relevant art, the relationship between relevance and marketability, and art as the driving and defining force behind a topic becoming socially or politically relevant.
Ray Mark Rinaldi – Journalist, Denver Post and One Good Eye
Tatiana Hernandez – Arts Director, Hemera Foundation
Marda Kirn – Founder EcoArts Connections
Mandy Vink – Public Art Coordinator, City of Boulder
Moderated by Juliette Leon-Bartsch, Musician and Concerts Coordinator Boulder Public Library